How To Fix PCSX2 Red Screen (2022)

How To Fix PCSX2 Red Screen In 2022

If you are using PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator) on your PC to play PlayStation 2 (PS2) games and its showing red screen when you boot PS2 ISO file. And you want to fix this error. So you are on the right place.

In this blog i will show you how to fix PCXS2 Red Screen.

There Are Only 4 Ways To Fix PCSX2 Red Screen

1 – Use Boot ISO (fast) Option.

Why You Need To Boot ISO (fast) ?

Sometimes its show red screen when you start game through “Boot ISO (full)” option. If your PCSX2 showing red screen, So you need to restart PS2 game through “Boot ISO (fast)” option.

2 – Change Emulation Settings.

Why You Need To Change PCSX2 Emulation Setting?

Customize PCSX2 Emulation Settings on the basis of your PC Configuration. Changing Emulation Setting is recommended. Its helps PCSX2 directly to emulate PS2 Games lag free.

3 – Change Plugin Settings.

PCSX2 Red Screen

Why You Need To Change Plugin Settings ?

Always Use Latest “Plugins” on your PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator). Its helps to run PS2 games on PCSX2 smoothly and without any errors. And also always use latest version PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator).

4 – Add Graphics Card and Change GSdx Settings.

Why You Need To Add Graphics Card On Your PC ?

If your PC don’t have Graphic card, So you need Add Graphics Card because without Graphics card you can play only few games and some games will show red screen.

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