Top 10 Best PS2 Games of All Time (2022)

Top 10 Best PS2 Games of All Time

These are the best PS2 games, which players will definitely like. All the games have their own characters and story themes along with this they all were different from each other. Here are the all top 10 PS2 games, which gains a lot of popularity among the community of the players. So, read the best PS2 games from one of the best ever consoles.

#1 – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

This game is quite different than the Budokai series, in that the game uses a third-person “behind-the-scenes” third-person camera approach. Not only this each of the forms is treated as their character, they are varying stats, fighting styles, and move sets also. This was similar to the Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors while their free roam element was similar to Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. In the match players have to build their Ki gauge to show their different techniques to the opponents such as the Power Guard, this would decrease the damage of the characters taken by ¼. Every character in the game has their unique set of Blast 2 skills; this would allow the characters to use their special move sets like the physical attacks and Ki blasts. Players can also power up into a mode called Max Power Mode normally by building up their Ki beyond full at the cost of Blast Stock bars.

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#2 – Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2 is come out in 2003 as a role-playing video game that was published and developed by Square for the PlayStation 2. The Final Fantasy X was the first game in the series where there would be only three player characters is available and all was the female as the man cast. The story in this game follows Yuna as she searched for the Tidus, who was the leading character of the previous game. The battle system incorporates Final Fantasy character classes—one of the series’ signature gameplay concepts—and is one of the few entries to have multiple endings. This game has receives a positive reaction and selling over 5.4 million copies on the PlayStation 2.

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#3 – Final Fantasy XII

The game has been a role-playing video game that was developed and published by Square Enix for PlayStation 2 video game for the home console. Final Fantasy XII also includes elements from previous games in the series, such as Chocobos and Moogles. The whole story took place in the fictional land of Ivalice, where the empire of Rozarria and Archadia has come to an endless war. There was a small kingdom named Dalmasca has been caught in the war period. During the struggle of the war, Archadia princess meets Vaan who was a young adventurer and wants to become a sky pirate of an airship. They are quickly joined by a band of allies; together, they rally against the tyranny of the Archadian Empire.

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#4 – God of War

This was an action-adventure game that was developed by Santa Monia Studio and was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) released on April 20th, 2018 for PlayStation 4. This was the eighth installment in the series of God of War, and also the sequel of God of War III of 2010. The theme of this game was based on Greek mythology and this was for the first time where there are two protagonists Kratos who was the main character and Atreus his young son. God of War received universal acclaim for its story, world design, art direction, music, graphics, characters, in particular the dynamic between Kratos and Atreus, and combat system.

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#5 – God of War II

God of War II game was also an action-adventure game and this was first released for the PlayStation 2 console on March 13th, 2007. As this was the second installment in the series of God of War, the whole game was about Greek mythology. Kratos the main character has killed the former Ares, Kratos was betrayed by Zeus the King of the Olympian Gods, who strips him of his godhood and kills him. After that, he is saved by the Titan Gaia who instructs Kratos to find the Sisters of Fate, as they can allow him to travel back in time, avert his betrayal, and take revenge on Zeus.

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#6 – Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas

If you are a player who likes gameplay which was full of adventures, then this was the best for you. This was the seventh title in the game Grand Theft Auto series, and the follow-up to the 2002 game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. This game has been considered the best-selling video game of 2004, as well as one of the best-selling video games of all time. It has sold over 27.5 million copies worldwide as of 2011 it remains the best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time.

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#7 – Resident Evil 4

If you like horror games, then you have to play this game at least once; this game was a third-person shooter horror game. The story all about the players who control U.S. government special agent Leon S. Kennedy who is sent on a mission to rescue the U.S. president’s daughter Ashley Graham. Resident Evil 4 was announced to be the GameCube exclusive as part of the Capcom Five. This was also placed itself as the best video games, and winning multiple Games of the Year awards in 2005.

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#8 – Tekken 5

The players who like fighting would give a look at this game, Tekken 5 was a fighting game published by Namco in 2004. This was the sixth main installment in the series of Tekken, and it was also upgraded to Tekken 5.1. Later there was an update has come as Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection which was released for arcades in 2005 and later ported to the PlayStation Portable as Tekken: Dark Resurrection and on the PlayStation 3. This has received a selling over six million copies.

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#9 – WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011

This game was for the lovers of WWE as this was a professional wrestling video game which was developed by Yuke’s for PlayStation 2 (PS2) and PlayStation Portable(PSP), PlayStation 3 (PS3) ), Xbox 360, and Wii systems. Players have got a crisp of two hours and usually leave fans wanting more in the SmackDown. Starting with WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006, a General Manager mode (or GM Mode for short) was introduced. It allows the player to act as the General Manager of the Raw or SmackDown brands (or ECW in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2008).

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#10 – WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain

This game was loved a lot by the players; the players can create, play, and also create their own superstars through the storyline which was recently developed by WWE. There would be more than 55 WWE superstars was included in the WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain game, the players also have Brock Lesner, Rey Mysterio as well as Goldberg. WWE lovers would have to play this game.

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As we said we give you the top 10 PS2 games, all the above games were seriously best of all the other games. We also include that all games were different from each other, and gains popularity in their field.

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