How To Use mymc, a PS2 Memory Card Image Utility

How To Use mymc, a PS2 Memory Card Image Utility

If you want to edit PCSX2 Memory Card (Mcd001.ps2) file on PC using mymc PCSX2 memory card editor tool. So you are on the right place.

In this blog I will show you how to use mymc memory card editor tool on PC step by step.

What is myMC ?

mymc is a PS2 Memory Card Image Utility as used by the PlayStation 2 emulator PCSX2. It allows save files in the MAX Drive (.max), EMS (.psu), SharkPort (.sps), X-Port (.xps) and CodeBreaker (.cbs) formats to be imported directly into these images. It can also export save files in either the MAX Drive and EMS formats and You can delete any Save Data directly from PS2 Memory Card.

How To Use myMC PCSX2 Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1 – Download and Extract myMC Tool.rar using WinRAR software.

Click Here To Download → myMC Tool.rar

Step 2 – Open extracted folder and open mymc.exe file.

Step 3 – Select PS2 Memory Card file, then click on Open button.

Step 4 – If you want to Import PS2 Save, Click on Import button.

Step 5 – Select PS2 Save Game file and click on Open button.

Step 6 – If you want to Export PS2 Save, Select PS2 Save Game and Click on Export button.

Step 7 – Select any Save Type, then click on Save button.

Step 8 – Now Your Saved Game File is Successfully Exported, Enjoy.

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