How To Use GameShark On PCSX2 (2022)

How To Use GameShark On PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator) In 2022

If you have PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator) on your PC and you want to use GameShark Cheat Codes On PCSX2 but you don’t know how to use GameShark on PCSX2. So, you are on the right place.

In this blog i will show you how to use GameShark on PCSX2 step by step tutorial with 18 screenshots.

What is GameShark ?

GameShark is a video game cheat device available for the PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo game consoles. The GameShark brand name is owned by Mad Catz.

How To Use GameShark On PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator) Tutorial – Step By Step

Step 1 – Download and Extract GameShark.rar file using WinRAR software to get GameShark.iso file.

Click Here To Download → GameShark.rar

Step 2 – Copy GameShark.iso file location address.

Step 3 – Open PCSX2 (PS2 Emulator).

Step 4 – Go to ISO Selector and Click On Browse

Step 5 – Paste GameShark.iso file location address on address bar and press Enter button.

Step 6 – Select GameShark.iso file and click on Open button.

Step 7 – Go to System and click on Boot ISO (fast).

  • GameShark ???? Controls:
  1. Press Select Button for Help.
  2. Use Your D-Pad To Move Through Game Titles
  3. Press Start To Exit.
  4. Press Right On D-Pad To Browse Cheats
  5. Press X (Cross) To Activate Game.
  6. Press (Square) Button To Edit Game.
  7. Press O (Circle) To Add New Game.
  8. Press L1 To Page Up.
  9. Press L2 To Page Down.

Note: In this tutorial i’m going to use GameShark cheats on “WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It” (PS2 Game). And similarly you can use GameShark Cheats on any PS2 game.

Step 8 – Press “X” button on Select Game option to open Cheat section.

Step 9 – Select any Game which you want cheat.

Step 10 – Select any Cheat which you want to use in game.

Step 11 – Press Start button on your Gamepad.

Step 12 – Then go to Start Game option and Press “X” (Cross) button.

Step 13 – Double click on PCSX2 screen to make PCSX2 screen size small and go to ISO Selector then click on Browse option.

How To Use GameShark On PCSX2

Step 14 – Select PS2 ISO Game file and click on Open button.

Step 15 – Click on Swap Disc option.

Step 16 – Again double on click on PCSX2 Screen to make PCSX2 full screen and then press “X” (Cross) button.

Step 17 – Again Press “X” (Cross) button to Enter.

Step 18GameShark cheat codes is successfully working on PCSX2, Enjoy.

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