CDRomance (2022) – Retro Games, MODs, Translations and Backups

CDRomance – Retro Games, MODs, Translations and Backups

Download ROMs and Emulators for Dreamcast ROMs (DC ISOs), Gamecube ROMs (GCN ISOs), PlayStation ROMs (PSX ISOs), PlayStation 2 ROMs (PS2 ISOs), SEGA Saturn ROMs (SS ISOs), SEGA CD ROMs (SCD ISOs), Sony PlayStation Portable (ISOs), PSN & PSX2 PSP (Eboots), Nintendo DS ROMs, GameBoy Advance ROMs, GameBoy Color ROMs, Gameboy ROMs, Super Nintendo (SNES ROMs), Sega Genesis ROMs (MegaDrive ROMs), SEGA 32X ROMs, Famicom Disk System (FDS ROMs), MS-DOS Games (DOSBOX, Windows 3.1-95 Games, SCUMMVM ROMs, ScummVM (Classic Adventure Games) from CDRomance Website.

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List of All ROMs/ISOs/Games Available on CDRomance:

  • CD-ROM Based Home Console Systems ROMs
  1. Dreamcast ROMs (Dreamcast ROMs/DC ISOs)
  2. Gamecube ROMs (Gamecube ROMs/GCN ISOs)
  3. PSX ROMs (PlayStation ROMs/PSX ISOs)
  4. PS2 ROMs (PlayStation 2 ROMs/PS2 ISOs)
  5. Saturn ROMs (SEGA Saturn ROMs/SS ISOs)
  • Handheld Devices ROMs
  1. PSP ROMs (Sony PlayStation Portable ISOs)
  2. PSP Eboots (PSN & PSX2PSP Eboots)
  3. NDS ROMs (Nintendo DS ROMs)
  4. GBA ROMs (GameBoy Advance ROMs)
  5. GBC ROMs (GameBoy Color ROMs)
  6. GB ROMs (Gameboy ROMs)
  • Cartridge Based Home Console ROMs
  1. SNES ROMs (Super Nintendo/SNES ROMs)
  2. Genesis ROMs (Sega Genesis ROMs/MegaDrive ROMs)
  3. 32X ROMs (SEGA 32X ROMs)
  4. FDS ROMs (Famicom Disk System/FDS ROMs)
  • Abandonware PC Games
  1. DOS Games (MS-DOS Games/DOSBOX)
  2. Windows Games (Windows 3.1-95 Games)
  3. SCUMMVM ROMs [ScummVM (Classic Adventure Games)]

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CDRomance - Retro Games, MODs, Translations & Backups

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CDRomance Website Information:

Alexa Rank: #28,768.

Site Age:  3 Years and  3 Months.

Created In: 2 February 2018.

Daily Visitors: Approx. 16 Thousand.

Daily Page Views: Approx. 36 Thousand.

Hosted In: Unknown Region.

CDRomance have over 15+ different consoles and 13,000+ games to choose from.

is CDRomance Safe

CDRomance is one of the best site compared to other ROM downloading sites out there. I love how they provides ROMs/ISOs/Games with full information and also with gameplay screenshots of every rom. Plus they have a quite good collection of ROMs/ISOs with Japan-English translation games. CDromance is safe and better place to download ROMs compared to other ROMs sites.

CDRomance Disclaimer

CDRomance is a digital library of video games ROMs that are not for sale for at least 2 decades. CDRomance does not claim any rights over these works. All works, Images, Footage, Logos and Trademarks belong to their respective owners. This website complies with the DMCA.

CDRomance Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with CDRomance ROMs/ISOs collection or you don’t want to download any ROM from CDRomance website. So, here is the best alternative of CDRomance:

  1. Vimm’s Lair
  2. Gamulator
  3. ROM Hustler
  4. Ziperto
  5. ConsoleROMs


The above article is just for educational purposes only and this site ( does not promotes any illegal activity or piracy. The aim of through this article is only to provide right information about CDRomace website.

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