Top 5 Best Places to Buy PS2 Console Online and Offline (2022)

Top 5 Best Places to Buy PS2 Console Online and Offline (2022)

Hello, this time we are here with Top 5 Best Places to Buy PS2 (PlayStation 2) Console Online and Offline. Here you will get all the information regarding PS2 and its purchase.

The PS2 Console has been tested properly by all the tech people and everything in it works great. The set of PS2 includes the PS2 Console, a dual shock controller with 8MB memory card, AC power cord, bonus random game and AV cord.

The PlayStation2 is armed with a 128-bit processor of Emotion Engine which enables to play as fast as lightning and provides impressive power of graphics. The console improves the home entertainment by doubling the DVD player as well as accommodating the maximum features of the original PlayStation. PlayStation 2 is famous for its excellent selection and collection of the titles, especially for the old gamers.

The PS2 was firstly launched on 4th March 2000. It recorded a sales of $250 on the very first day.

How to Connect PlayStation 2 on TV ?

The following are a few steps to connect the PS2 with your TV and start playing.

  1. Properly inspect your TV inputs. The image quality depends on the way you connect your PS2 to the TV using the inputs. The TV or the receiver mostly have the inputs such as Composite/Stereo AV, Component/YCbCr, S-Video and RF out of which the most commonly used is Composite/Stereo AV.
  2. Get the correct cable. If the PlayStation is newly brought, it is accompanied with the packed cable. But now you will have to find the correct cable from other means such as Flipkart, Amazon etc.
  3. Organize the PlayStation near the receiver or your TV. Select the place having more space as the PS2 generates a lot of heat.
  4. Connect the video cable to the video port at the bottom-right corner at the back of the PlayStation2. The port is named as Multi-Out.
  5. The other end of the video cable should be connected to the TV. Always remember to match the colours of the ports with the colours of the plugs.
  6. Connecting the digital cable is optional but if you want, you can do it with the TOSLINK cable. It is connected to receive 5.1 surround sound.
  7. The last main step is connecting the PlayStation 2 power cable.
  8. Connecting an Ethernet cable is optional but you can do it to receive the online functionality.
  9. The connection of PS2 with your home network can be active with this step.

After the release of PS3, the PS2 remained popular till the seventh generation. It production continued till 2013 and Sony stopped the production after around 12 years of production. As the production has stopped, you won’t be able to buy a new PlayStation 2 from anywhere. However, we are here with the list of few sites that allow you to purchase the second-hand PlayStation 2.

Top 5 Best Places to Buy PS2 (PlayStation 2) Console Second Hand/Refurbished Online and Offline

 #1. Search on Google “PS2 for sale near me

After you search for PS2 over google, it gives you a list of shops and showrooms selling the second-hand PS2. Select the best one and the nearest one to your home after having proper research and after reading all the reviews regarding the shop. Later visit the shop and purchase the one you like.

Make sure you select the best one having proper reviews on google. Selecting the shop without proper research may result in getting cheated or receiving improper product.

#2. Find Best Deal from Google Shopping List and then make a purchase

Google allows its users to make a shopping list online. You can surf over the internet, check the online available shopping lists and select the best one out of it. After selecting the best one out of all, make the purchase.

It is important to check all the details online to make a worthy deal. You may ask for a few images and specifications of the product to select the best one for you.

#3. Buy PlayStation 2 from

Search the PlayStation2 on the IndiaMart website and you will get a list of all the dealers of PS2. Some may have provided the price and for others, you can ask for price if you wish to buy. It also gives the option of contacting the supplier to make a purchase.

Beware of fraudsters while purchasing from such website. Also, it is not suggested to make online deals, offline visit and payment is suggested.

#4. Buy from

You can also search for the PlayStation 2 on the OLX website as it allows the users to sell their belongings online. Search for PS2 over OLX, find the best match for your requirement and contact the seller to make a deal.

It is important to beware of the fraudsters and also suggest not to make online deals.

#5. Buy from

Quikr is another medium where the users are allowed to sell their unwanted belongings. You can search for the PlayStation 2 over Quikr and you will receive the list of all the available products near you. You can surf and get the best for yourself. Once you select one, contact the seller by messaging him and fix a deal. Later visit his place and get home your purchased PS2.

Also, it is important to be active while making the deal. You must check the product well and never go for an online deal. At such websites, offline deals are suggested.


These were few details regarding the Top 5 Best Places to Buy PlayStation 2 Console Online and Offline. We hope you received the correct information as per your requirement. It is important to be aware of the place and its customer service while making the offline deal. Also, while making online deals, it is important to check everything and the authenticity of the user before making the deal. If you are an active internet user, all the 5 places are best and safe for purchase.

If you have any query and suggestion for, you can connect with us through the comment section.
Thank you.

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